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Design your bathroom


Great Flooring Ideas for Your New Bathroom

Planning is one of the major steps in constructing a new bathroom. Though it may entail cost and effort, it is nevertheless an outlet of your creativity as your great bathroom ideas are being brought to life and in doing so, style and design remains to be one of the most important issue at hand.


Perhaps one of the factors greatly contributing to the design and overall appearance of your bathroom is the flooring. Covering a large area of your bathroom, your colour preference with regards to your flooring could affect the colour, design and appearance of your bathroom fittings. Thus, being able to plan well for your flooring is an important factor to consider in bathroom installation.


As mentioned earlier, bathroom design is an outlet of creativity. Thus, if you desire to have a vintage-style bathroom, having limestone flooring with glass insets could boost the interest in your preferred design. Limestone flooring could give a subtle air for your new bathroom.


However, should you wish your bathroom to have the elegance of nature; you could also have wood floorings. But not all wood are fit for the bathroom. A famous modern look for wooden flooring comes from an exotic species of wood which is also considered as an alternative to the native oak, is Cabreuva. If you are living in colder countries, your fitter would absolutely find the bathroom installation of the wooden flooring a great idea due to the fact that it could feel warmer on the feet.


Other materials good for bathroom flooring are stone and porcelain. Stone could provide your new bathroom an elegant yet clean look. But you must ask for advice from your suppliers on the appropriate adhesives to use as stone is porous and the adhesive could be absorbed by the stone resulting to stained tiles. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a cheaper alternative. It is by far easier to maintain and it could also give your bathroom elegance. You could also have a wide range of colours to choose from depending on your preference.



In general, installation of bathroom flooring as well as its purchase could be efficiently achieved by preparation and in-depth assessment of the various flooring materials available in the market.